Thursday, September 3, 2009


Did you enjoy the mini cd album from my last post? I enjoyed making and posting it! One of the sweet benefits of scrapbooking is the opportunity to relive treasured memories again and again.

Remember this from my last post: “Everything is held together with a jump ring with pretty ribbon attached (more about that in Part 2, stay tuned!)”? I didn’t tell you how I got the jump ring in there, did I?

There are quite a few web tutorials on this type of mini album so I won’t bore you with all that. I learned two things from the web:
1. Save the unsolicited advertising and obsolete user guide type cd’s.
2. Save/rescue : ) a spindle from some new cd’s to use when drilling the hole for the jump ring. That’s right, folks, get out the power drill! Gather all the cd’s you will need for your album, stick them on a spindle and drill them all at once so the holes all match. Just hang the spindle a good third off your surface so you don’t drill through anything important like your kitchen counter or dining room table.
Something I encountered but never saw any warnings about anywhere was the Mylar coating usually on one side of the cd. Some of the Mylar coatings are very easy to remove. If they are, go ahead and do it. You may need to use a bit of sandpaper here and there. I encountered a problem with this and had to redo a page or two because of peeling Mylar. Go ahead and get rid of it if it's peels easily.

Now let’s move on down this road. I guess it’s Part 2 of Part 2? What should I put this little mini album in? I needed it to go in something structured since there were no page protectors and I didn’t want it beaten about. Besides I needed to ship it to Iowa!

I found a plain, round chipboard box at the craft store—not too expensive, a little wider than the cd’s and a good 3 inches taller. Perfect! It gave me the room to cushion the cd’s with extra tissue and bubble wrap for shipping and would give him room to add tickets and other ephemera afterwards.

This is what it looked like once it was completed:

I painted the entire box, inside and out, with red acrylic. The stadium photo and Alabama Crimson Tide (MS PowerPoint Word Art) are adhered and sealed with Modge Podge. That’s hounds tooth check ribbon around the rim of the top part--homage to Bear Bryant and his hat.

Thanks so much for coming along on this journey with me. Next post will be extra special, so do check back!

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  1. That is an awesome project. My ex boyfriend would have loved that. He lives in Montgomery and loves his Alabama Football.