Sunday, September 27, 2009

A NEEDLE CASE for National Sewing Month

Long time since I did any embroidery and it shows!  I copied this piece from an old needle case that I have had for a very long time.  My mother gave it to me and told me that my Aunt Eva had made it from hat felt and a scrap of flannel.  I had been using it for almost 40 years and was heartbroken when I tore one of the bonnet ties trying to retie the bow.  I needed a project for a sewing challenge on and decided to replicate the original needle case.  Here's a shot of the original

My Aunt Eva was born in the late 1890's and I love her precise needlework.  I updated my needle case in a few ways.  I added additional slips, for a total of 3, on the inside

I also added a back pocket to hold a needle threader, extra floss or tiny embroidery shears.

The materials used were just the odd bits at hand--an orange felt square (dyed with coffee), some floss and thread, a bit of muslin and lace. 

I love vintage and I love my family heirlooms.  I promise to take better care of our heirlooms in the future so that future generations can enjoy them as much as I have. 

Now, I have a guestion for all of you!  I think the pattern for my little case is a quilt piece named Sunbonnet Sue but I'm not sure.  I remember my mother calling it something but don't remember exactly what it was--wan't Sunbonnet Sue, though.  Anybody have any ideas?

Thank you for helping out my tired old brain!  And thanks for visiting Traveling Down A Crafty Road!

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