Monday, September 21, 2009


Finally!  The second page of my double layout is here.  It's been ready but I had hoped to get a better photograph for you.  Our weather has just not cooperated.  If the rain keeps up much longer, I'm getting the snorkel gear out!

This is the right hand companion to the page posted on 9/19/09.  It is the reworked version.  In the original (and you have to be a Fiskateer to catch the before shot, Ha, Ha!), I used the invitation along with a copy of the actual newspaper announcement.  I didn't like the way they were displayed so I played around with those elements.  The gray patterned paper mat and the three bejewed inchies are additions.  I also took a few sentences from the newspaper announcement and typed them in MS PowerPoint--"The bride wore a dress of Copenhagen blue crepe, with sweetheart neckline and draped skirt.  Her hat was of matching blue crepe."  Don't worry, I'll add the copy of the entire announcement elsewhere in the album.  I didn't change the patterend paper border (the "rest" of the Fiskars quilted corners border corner punch from the left side) or the ribbon with the inchie and oval photo. One more thing to note--I used white paper for the newspaper lines for the sake of album continuity.  All the journaling blocks in the album are printed on white paper. 

Here's what they look like side by side.  Trust me; I do believe the right hand page is a bit more elegant in the reworked version.

Thank you for swimming by!  Now where did I put that snorkel?

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  1. Gorgeous photographs of your mom. I like the way you're using ribbon to trick out your layouts. I'd never seen the punch you used on the layout on the left. Very nice touch of punch and ribbon. Can't wait to see what comes next!