Friday, September 18, 2009


Would you like to see another layout from what will be my mom and dad's wedding album?  A little background--I posted a double page version of this one in my Fiskateer gallery last night for a border challenge.  I wasn't happy with the right hand side of the page and am reworking it.  NOW, I like what I'm doing with the right hand page and will share that side with you in my next post.

Do you ever go back and rework a page that you're not happy with?  Wish I got each one right the first go round, but I don't!  Those not quite right pages nag at my serenity.  I go to bed at night thinking I can do better.  Sometimes I have a Eureka! moment before sleep claims me.  Sometimes I even remember that moment when I wake up!

Here's the left hand page.  Please know that my borders are straight, my photograply is crooked.  The photo is a solo shot of my mother.

I used the Fiskars border corner punch, Quilted Corners, around the mottled gray patterned paper (The Paper Studio) and carefully cut the outside edge off (more on that in the next post).  The photo is matted on the same gray cardstock but I left about two inches on the left side.  Punched that side with Fiskars Diamond border punch.  On another piece of gray cardstock, I used the Fiskars Leave it to Weaver border punch and threaded pink organza ribbon through the punches.  Then I poofed the ribbon.  Not sure who made this ribbon--it's labeled Decorative Ribbon, made in Taiwan.  I'm sure it was a bargain!  The ribbon bedecked piece is adhered to the mat with medium sized glue dots.  To complete, I made 5 inchies with cardstock and square rhinestones to place along the far left side.

Thanks for visiting!  I would love to know the if, when, how, and why's of reworking your own pages--leave me a comment.  Come back around for part 2, round 2, page 2, whatever you want to call it!

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