Thursday, September 17, 2009


Looking back, I realize that I sew in fits and spurts!  My mother actually sewed that way, too.  As a child I remember my mom sewing me clothes that I absolutely hated and wouldn't wear!  She eventually stopped and kept her sewing skills well honed with mending and the odd home decor or gift piece.  My mother actually cursed at her sewing machine, so I didn't want to go anywhere near the evil thing!

My school system didn't offer home ec classes until high school but I decided to brave the evil sewing machine thing and take Sewing 1 as a freshman.  I loved it!  Even after the thread take up arm bonked me in the forehead, and left a giant, zit like, red mark that lasted for days (don't ask me how because I still don't know what happened), I signed up for Sewing 2!

My original sewing fit continued until I moved away from home after college.  My mother's evil machine and I had become friends but she wasn't going to let me take it.  My mother acted like she hated her machine but she really loved it.  So, I ended up making a few things on weekends here and there until the rest of life got in the way.

About 20 years ago, I bought my own machine.  Well, my machine hated me and I finally understood my mother's love/hate relationship with her machine.  Most of the time, my machine hung out in the closet but it helped produce curtains, a few dresses and got me through the mending.

Not long ago, I bought a Singer Futura--a late Christmas present. So far, we've collaborated on an apron, some mending and the valance shown here.

It's a simple rod pocket valance.  All straight lines, no pattern required.  I lined it with unbleached muslin because I just happened to have some on hand.

Please note the finials.  They are Styrofoam balls that I painted with Modge Podge and wrapped yarn around.  I stabbed the balls with a bamboo skewer first to make them easier to work on.  Then I used straight pins to keep the yarn in place until the adhesive set.  Most of us have paper scissors and fabric shears?  I now have fabric pins and craft pins (complete with dried glue blobs!)  I finished the finials with bits of blue silk flowers.  I nailed a long thin brad into each end of the rod (actually a closet rod, $0.68/foot) and stuck the finials onto the brad, flush against the end of the rod.  There's probably a "right" way, but this worked for me.

I like my new machine and it seems to like me.  I have several new projects lined up and I still need to try out the embroidery function.  I think the two of us can go places!

Happy National Sewing Month!  Thanks for stopping by Traveling Down a Crafty Road.  


  1. I like your curtains and your finials Lesa - good job - I also have a love/hate relationship with my sewing machine. It's been covered with other crafty stuff for a few years now. I should think about unburying it for Sewing month huh?

  2. Your curtains & finials are great. I'm just starting to sew. I took sewing in home ec in the 8th grade & I hated it. The teacher was awful. She would'nt accept anything except perfections so I was forever ripping out seams Lol. So now as I start to sew again I'm keeping it simple & as stress free as possible.

  3. I do a little sewing, craft items mostly. Your cutains are really nice.