Monday, October 12, 2009


Hello, everyone!
It's raining here and I have several craft projects to post--but I want to get good photos of them so stay tuned!  Love the rain after our drought but I think I'm growing gills!  I've got cards, my ATC box, layouts and a sewing thing to post when the weather cooperates for photos. Think the weather is breaking tomorrow.
In the interim, I thought I would share a photo of me at the Fiskars 360 Celebration!  Yes,  Fiskars has been in business for 360 years!  Can you believe that?  Fiskars started in Fiskars, Finland 360 years ago in the steel business.  Their return policy and customer service has no equal in my opinion or knowledge.

It was an honor to attend the Fiskars 360 Birthday Celebration at Epcot in Orlando.  I got to meet a bunch of  my on line friends, all the Lead Fiskateers and some of the home office Fiskars folks.  I met Maxine from WV and watched as she was crowned FOY of 2009 (Fiskateer of the Year for 2009!  YaaaaaaaaY Maxine!).  All I can add is that it was fabulous and it was hot and humid while running around the park doing Scavenger Hunt.  BTW my hair gets a bit wavy/curly in those conditions.

Fiskateers are brand ambassadors for Fiskars products--paper crafing, gardening, sewing, jewelry or floral. If  I didn't list a crafty item (like ceramics, knitting, crotchet, etc.), I didn't do it on purpose because all crafts are represented on

Come join in the fun!  We have a fun, and short, on line crop scheduled for 10/17/09 for Breast Cancer Awarness.  Click the Fiskateer blinkie on the left or go to  and follow the instructions. 
I would love to see and welcome you as a new Fiskateer!

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  1. Nice Pic Lesa - It was great that someone gave up the link to the remaining pics!