Thursday, October 8, 2009


Recently, I've had several conversations with folks interested in scrapbooking but they've never done it.  They want to know the how and why I got into it and what they need to get started.

About six or seven years ago, I attended a home party type crop to benefit a charity.  I created one 12 x 12 page with a 5 x 7 photo, 2 balloon stickers and a metallic gold pen that night.  I was hooked!  I went to Michael's armed with coupons and credit card the very next weekend.  I picked up some mini albums, two cardstock value packs, a package of pens in fall colors and some Thanksgiving stickers.  I was going to knock out a few Christmas gifts!  I got started on them but all of it ended up in a box where it sat until 2007.  I got the box back out and completed those books for Christmas 2007 and have been scrapping ever since.  Scrapping makes me happy!

I started with scissors, pencil, ruler and the few items previously mentioned.  I then added more consumables and a trimmer.  Then I added some decorative scissors and punches and more consumables and a better trimmer and I really could go on and on.  BUT, I'm pretty sure I could go back to the scissors and ruler and make a decent layout.

This is one of my earliest 12 x 12 layouts.  (Not THE earliest because I don't know what happened to the one with the balloons!)  The title and the sand dollar (MS Office clip art) were printed on vellum.  I used a small set of nesting bowls to draw a circle around the sand dollar and the gray card stock mat and cut them out by hand.  I used a pair of deckle edged scissors to cut the title.  The photo, from our 2007 vacation on the lovely island of St Kitts, is triple matted and the journaling was done with a white Sakura gel pen.

How did you get started down your scrappy road and what was in your little kit bag?  I would love to know so please add to the comments.  Thanks so much!  Have a wonderfully creative day!

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  1. There were 2 women at work that used to bring their scrapbooks & cards to share with one another in the staff lounge. I started looking at their stuff & got interested. I started with a small trimmer, some plain & patterned paper, some adheisve, and some stickers. It didn't take me long to become addicted lol.